Esthetician Skin Coach

Skin Care Training

I want to help empower Estheticians to feel comfortable in treating their clients. Have you been out of the field for a period of time and want a refresher? Maybe you are not one hundred percent comfortable working on clients after finishing school and want a one on one session? Would you like new skills, treatment plans, or a new area of treatment focus? I am here to help you succeed and share my secrets to creating flawless skin with you. 

The training will include a 6 hour training session with Myah.  We will provide a take home book that covers all the training material for reference and a kit that includes medical grade products for back bar use, treats all skin types.  

COST: $450.00 6hr  A deposit of $150.00 will be collected at the time of booking which is non refundable but can be rescheduled once.  Must call or email to schedule training. 

Topics Covered

  • We will go in to depth about how to treat different ethnicity in skin of color. 
  • How to treat Rosacea and help resolve symptoms in all seasons. 
  • How to clear up Acne with and without Physician care. Knowing when prescription care is needed in conjunction with the plan of care I will teach. 
  • Knowing basic skin care and what a proper at home regimen looks like.
  • How to treat Melasma and when not to touch it due to precautionary measures. 
  • Treating Men that suffer with hair bumps, cystic acne in the beard area, Pseudofolliculitis Barbae, and shaving techniques. 
  • Why diet plays a huge role in having great skin for most individuals. 

*Techniques and hands on training will take place during this coaching session. 

Company Policy- You have access to me for any guidance or help for one year after the completion of  training.